December Features

Here are a few of the more interesting things that make up the CHD:WCK! Experience this month...


CHD:WCK! presents:
Cutting up!
(collage workshop)
OCtober 7th, 2018 1-3:30PM

Let Cut Up!
(And rip, tear, paint, and paste!)

Because EVERYONE can be creative!
Because being creative is about having a good time using what’s readily around you!
Because all you need to bring is yourself...

Come out and have a good time, as we use the things around us to make something new and interesting!


The Reclamation Project :: A Celebration/Retrospective of Black Beauty.

The opening exhibit
Saturday, March 24, 2018
7pm to 11pm @ Tri-Cities Tattoo Company
East Point, Georgia. 

The Reclamation Project is a "love letter" to Black women, young and old. Reclamation is about Black women releasing feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment tied to their bodies and reclaiming their sexuality, their sensuality, and their womanhood. It's about understanding how each of these elements are intricately intertwined with their spirituality. The Reclamation Project is about being at peace with and *loving*  who you are, as you are, where you are.

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Research residency at Goodyear arts (November 2018)

Honored to have been selected to participate in a Residency at Goodyear Arts later in 2018. After applying for, and being considered for their 2 month residency, I was one of four artist selected for something new... 

"A handful of very strong applicants aiming to either depart from their current work or embark on a project of undetermined shape led us to conclude that there is a need for another kind of residency, one that provides artists with time, space, money, and community to develop a project or investigate a new direction in their work rather than to (necessarily) complete a new body of work. So we invited them a pilot of Artist’s Research Residencies!"