The Beauty Of Man

"Do you shoot men nude?"
"Why don't you shoot men nude?"

I've done it before. It was cool. But it's a different experience. I appreciate the beauty of men, but I don't see men's bodies the same way as I see women's bodies. FOR ME, there are a number of factors that making photographing men nude different than photographing women nude. But I do appreciate the beauty in men. And when I look through my images and don't frequently see men, it bothers me, because it makes it seem as if I don't see men as beautiful. But I do. So I'm going to explore this more. I'll stretch beyong my comfort zone to get more male figures in front of this lens. I'll also collect my thoughts about why I experience photographing men nude as different than photographing women nude. 

This was a great shoot with Roscoe. I look forward to shooting with him again, as well as other nude dudes! But... I'm not particularly comfortable being in close proximity to bare penises that are not my own.
I guess I'll get over it."

"But I'm Not A Model" Call

Looking for a few great people to collaborate with to explore a variety of ideas this year.
Some projects include nudity, but those not willing to pose nude should still inquire.

For the projects I am pursuing, I am especially interested in photographing "non-traditional" beauty types, women over age 50, full-figured women, androgynous/handsome/queer women/trans men) 

To be determined, but includes financial compensation
Charlotte, NC (and surrounding areas)

Primarily Female subjects,
(also in need of Male and Non-binary subjects for various projects)

Preferred Black or African American (all People of Color are welcome.)  

ALL subjects must be:
- Interested in being part of, and contributing to a creative process.
- Willing to commit to being photographed in multiple sessions for various projects in the coming months.
- Willing to sign a release allowing me to use the images in all formats without restriction.

Subjects for nude projects must be:
- Willing to commit to being photographed in multiple sessions for various projects in the coming months.
- comfortable being photographed nude, and in provocative manner

Please contact me here if you are interested in participating. Please share with anyone you think may be interested. 










Celebrating Growth (NSFW)

Quiet as it's often kept, grown human women naturally grow hair in abundance on places that are not their head. They seem capable of deciding whether to shave it or leave it be. How we can decide that's NOT feminine, I'm not sure.
Anyhoo, I'll just be over here doing what I usually do... using my lens to celebrate some #UnashamedGrownWomanShit.  



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Free to Be (pt. i)

I adore when Natasha and I get a chance to connect. 

My best work happens when the person I am photographing loves my work, and doesn't judge themselves for being a part of the process. When Natasha and I connect, all we know is that our goal is make dope images! She's not worried about how she looks. It's my job to make sure I capture her beautifully. We're not worried about peoples' judgment of what we create. That's none of our business. 

Today I asked her to bring a couple of outfits that I could shoot her wearing - and barely wearing. We rode around for a bit, looking for a fresh location, and once we found something, we got to work. I tell her what I have in mind. She tells me the options and suggests what she thinks might work. We Go! Because she trusts my work, neither of us have to be insecure about the strange direction I have to give to get what I see in my head. She knows all I want to do is make something amazing that we can share and be proud of.

This is a bit of what we did this July 4th. 


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In The Right Direction...

I always know "the next step", that's never been the problem. The difficulty is embracing the direction I need to go. Stepping out a place that is very comfortable (for better or worse), when I only know where I'm placing my next step.

Knowing you're on the right path is a fortunate thing, and I do believe I'm headed in the right direction. But it's a struggle to face my fears. I guess I have to struggle then. There's work to do, and places to go! Everything I want is on the other side of fear. 


Where Ya Goin' ?

Truth is, we usually don't know where people have been,
or where they're going.


This is one of my favorite young people on the planet. I've known Daveed for just over 9 years now, and it has been great watching him grow up.

Sometimes a young man needs to experience some new things in life to grow, so this young man made the move away from his home and fam in North Carolina to reside in Houston, TX. Here are a few of the moments I captured of him the day before he made the move away.

I'll miss him and that huge smile, but I look forward to watching him live, learn,  and overcome new challenges to become all that I know he is capable of (and more). He's a man now!!!!