A little over a year ago, the camera I’ve been shooting with for 8 years got sick and died. My passion for photography kept living, and I did not allow not having a camera to deter me from shooting. Over the past year, I’ve borrowed equipment, rented gear, and even did photo sessions on my camera phone. But lately, not having a camera of my own has limited my ability to approach new projects and push my creativity with photo work.

https://www.paypal.me/chdwck (click here)

I could really use your help. This weekend, I am asking for donations to help me raise funds to get a new Canon EOS 6D – a professional level camera that suits my abilities.

Any size donation is appreciated, but I don’t want something for nothing! Gifting $35 gets you an original 12x18 artwork on paper.

If you’re in position to donate more, I can give you more. Let me know what you’d like - photo sessions, large commissioned works, dog walking - let's figure it out and make it happen!