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the beauty of man

The Beauty Of Man

"Do you shoot men nude?"
"Why don't you shoot men nude?"

I've done it before. It was cool. But it's a different experience. I appreciate the beauty of men, but I don't see men's bodies the same way as I see women's bodies. FOR ME, there are a number of factors that making photographing men nude different than photographing women nude. But I do appreciate the beauty in men. And when I look through my images and don't frequently see men, it bothers me, because it makes it seem as if I don't see men as beautiful. But I do. So I'm going to explore this more. I'll stretch beyong my comfort zone to get more male figures in front of this lens. I'll also collect my thoughts about why I experience photographing men nude as different than photographing women nude. 

This was a great shoot with Roscoe. I look forward to shooting with him again, as well as other nude dudes! But... I'm not particularly comfortable being in close proximity to bare penises that are not my own.
I guess I'll get over it."