Regarding Nudes...

"I am mostly concerned with photographing you in an interesting way. It might not always be flattering, but interesting is always beautiful."
If you've seen my work, hopefully you realize that I photograph things in a fairly specific way. Though I am often inspired by others, I do not imitate the work of other photographers, or replicate their ideas and concepts. What I bring to a photo session is skill in capturing moments, a desire to create interesting images, and a safe environment to  do or be whatever you want. 

I create the best images with people who love my work and do not judge themselves for being a part of the process. A nude shoot is an intimate process, and while it's normal to be nervous about the shoot, you ultimately MUST show up comfortable that you will be seen fully by another person. This includes being physically nude, but it specifically refers to the vulnerability of being yourself with nothing to hide you. If you feel timid, uncomfortable, or unexpressive, that is what the camera will capture. 
Give some thought to how you see yourself, and how you desire to be seen. If there is a particular vibe you want to capture, let’s discuss it. My job as Photographer is to look for the beauty in the moments. The beauty is always there if you bring all of you to the session.

When shooting nudes, I prefer to shoot natural looks - natural hair, bare face, bare nails. This is an aesthetic preference that is consistent with my work, and it makes the most sense for the way I capture people. Anything other than this MUST be discussed and agreed to beforehand. If you show up other than specified, I will not shoot. 

I most frequently work with people who are not professional models. Getting the best images possible, usually involves some extra directing, posing, and working to get my subjects comfortable in front of the camera. Though I enjoy being able to provide this positive experience for people who are not professional models, please recognize that this is extra work for me as a photographer.

Escorts. A great photograph is a capture of a connection between the subject and the photographer. The vulnerability of a nude shoot makes it an intimate experience. I find it works best one-on-one. However, depending on the nature of the session, I may have a female assistant available. If you are not comfortable coming alone, you ARE welcome to bring an escort. 
Please note:
1. This person must NOT be a Significant Other or parent.

2. This person is NOT a part of my creative  process. I do not welcome input from others for our creative experience. Once shooting begins, I do not give them consideration.

The photo session is a process, so not every click of the shutter is going to be magic. I only share images that I think are strong and will represent a certain quality of work. When the photo session is complete, I will provide proofs for you to make your final selections from.

Expenses for special locations, props, clothing, etc. are not included in my rates. 

I hope this has been informative. If you would like to move forward in scheduling a shoot, or have questions about any other types of photo sessions or creative services, please contact me here

Thank you,