I love photographing nude figures as an extension of natural environments. Often, I've been able to photograph subjects in beautiful natural settings within Charlotte's city limits. 

But Charlotte, North Carolina is a rapidly growing city. As undeveloped land becomes more scarce, well-known landmarks are torn down,  and it often seems there are more construction sites than neighborhoods, I want to create images that capture People of Color in Charlotte's ever changing landscape. As the city strives to develop a new identity, I am striving to document the beauty of People of Color as part of Charlotte's past and present. I will continue to celebrate the significant part we play in the progress being made here. 

This isn't the beginning to a new approach to my photography, but it does mark a new intention. I want to understand the contributions of People of Color to the city where I reside, and I want to find creative ways to celebrate The Beauty of Brown in and around the Queen City. 

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